Blade becomes a victim of the writer's strike

One of the most beloved stories in the Quran resides in a chapter known as Surah Al-Kahf (the cave), which centers on the deeds of Khidr. For a time, Moses aspires to learn from Khidr, who somehow possesses greater piety than the renowned prophet. During Moses' brief tutelage, he witnesses Khidr perform a host of actions that Moses initially believes to be reprehensible but, upon further inspection, are divinely inspired. 

Long story short, Blade's production date getting delayed by the ongoing writer's strike could appear like the clandestine work of a Khidr-esque figure to the film's Muslim star, Mahershala Ali. It's long been rumored that Ali has been frustrated about Blade's script or lack thereof for months. And while Blade's impending production delay might look setback on the surface, it could actually help the troubled film go back to the drawing board and tweak some of its rumored narrative issues. 

Marvel Studios is pushing back production on its upcoming Blade starring Mahershala Ali after pre-production was temporally shut down due to the writers strike sources close to the production confirmed to Deadline. Marvel just hired Nic Pizzolatto to pen the script and given that he was just hired and can't do any work on it during the strike, the studio thought it best to push production on filming till script was ready.

Marvel had no comment.