After anti-LBGTQ+ parents had a school play canceled, students raised $75k to put it on anyways

Fort Wayne, Indiana's Carroll High School student production of 'Marian: The True Tale of Robinhood' will go on! The students refused to let censors stop them and raised around $75,000.00 to put up their production, have secured a local theater, and are working towards a May 20th opening (and closing) night.

Censorship abounds in our United States. Christian fascists have decided that keeping ideas out of people's heads is somehow possible, and they are chasing down books, theater, music, and art in all its forms. Perhaps the kids will save us.


One student, Tristan Wasserman, a senior at Carroll who was vocal in support of continuing to put on the play when it was originally canceled, announced the independent production in the video.

"No matter what the reason, we've decided to put on the canceled play ourselves, along with some supportive adults in the community," Wasserman said. "We've got to fight back against the bullies."

As of Tuesday afternoon, the campaign has reached nearly $75,000 in donations.

Freeman said she had no idea what to expect when they put the campaign up. She knew it was asking for a lot of money and wasn't sure if the community would rally behind them.

"Seeing that people have been so generous and so wanting to help us out, it's heartwarming because I just didn't expect it," Freeman said.

You may buy tickets or donate here.