We finally have titles for the three new Doctor Who specials, thanks to this new trailer

Some people are just born to play a certain role. Whether it's their look, talent, or occasionally a combination of both, it's not uncommon for it to feel like some actors were genetically designed to be specific characters in film or television. Doctor Who is an odd property where one could argue that virtually every lead actor was preordained to play the eponymous Doctor. However, even though we Whovians love each incarnation of the Doctor, the two most iconic actors to inhabit the role are Tom Baker and David Tennant. 

Since Tom Baker, who is still as charismatic as ever, is about to enter his 90s, the task of a beloved former Doctor playing the Timelord in the upcoming trilogy of 60th-anniversary specials falls on David Tennant. In the video linked above, you can check out footage of Tennant and the masterful Catherine Tate reprising their roles as the Doctor and Donna Noble.