Kendrick Lamar is casually proving why he's one of the best modern rappers again

The Dissect podcast lives up to its namesake and splits a segment of one of Kendrick Lamar's new verses to its bone marrow.

As the genre ages, the hesitancy to label rap as a legitimate form of poetry, equivalent in weight to the classical masters of the art, is slowly dissolving. In the earliest days of Hip-hop, every aspect of the subculture was viewed as a lowly gutter culture devoid of any artistic merit. The bold fashion choices that festooned the wardrobe of early Emcees were regarded as gaudy and ghetto. Whereas in modernity, several rappers have ascended to leadership positions in global fashion brands.

Similarly, rappers, and the content of the lyrics, have become the subject of higher education in a plethora of college courses. One of the most engaging emcees to earn the honor, and a Pulitzer Prize to boot, is Kendrick Lamar, who effortlessly constructs vivid tapestries of metaphors and double entendres on every track he touches.