UFOs halt airport traffic in Taiwan and Turkey

On Monday, a China Airlines pilot spotted a UFO near Taoyuan International Airport, halting all flights for nearly an hour. According to Focus Taiwan, the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Co., could not determine whether the object was a drone or… something else entirely. This on the heels of a prior UFO sighting over southeastern Turkey on Saturday that led to Gaziantep Oğuzeli International Airport suspending flights for 12 hours. From New Straits Times:

A commercial aircraft, which landed at the airport around midnight, reported that it had spotted on its radar an unidentified object at a height of 2,743.2 metres (9,000 feet) over the city of Gaziantep, said the authorities.

Upon receiving the report from the pilot, air traffic control authorities ordered all scheduled flights to be diverted to airports in Adana and Sanliurfa instead.

Turkish news website Habertürk, meanwhile, reported that the unidentified object was also confirmed by air traffic controllers.