Lauren Boebert denies affair with country singer

Citing right-wing Christian country crooner Sean Feucht's flowing locks of hair as the reason she can not be romantically involved with him, rather than his wife and four kids, Lauren Boebert denied any impropriety. Rumors of an affair became public shortly after Boebert announced her divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband Jayson. Jayson reputedly didn't take the news well, but Lauren also denies that!

Congressperson Boebert refers to her longtime friendship with Feucht and assures the world she doesn't like him like that, while Feucht threatens to sue people who claim the affair is real. I would not want an unearned association with Boebert, either.


"How can I be with a man with better hair than me?" she told the Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo.

"There is absolutely nothing romantic between Sean Feucht and I, nor has there been," she added. "So he is a wonderful friend, and he and I have done a lot of events together."

The duo have been seen in a prayer circle together in the Capitol building.

In contrast, Feucht — who is married with four children, per the Daily Beast — came out swinging against the claims.

"This is false. And it's defamatory. I'm giving everyone making this accusation 24 hours to retract and apologize. If you don't you'll hear from my lawyer," Feucht tweeted on Friday.

I am holding out for a Boebert/Bieber union. The merged name would be too awesome.