100 instruments on the 'Careless Whisper' lick, except for the sax

Arnaud Delannoy impressively offers 100 ways to hear Wham!'s "Careless Whisper" lick. Starting with the piano, the French musician plays the familiar melody on 99 other instruments, just not the song's original saxophone.

Comments include, "I don't know what's more impressive: Being able to play a melody on each of these instruments or owning all these instruments," and "Your tone is so good on all the strings but also buttersmooth on clarinet, flute, picc, oboe, TRUMPET?! dude you are insane! You must practice 40 hours a day." Delannoy responds to the latter comment, "Don't worry it took me several takes to achieve this first high note on the trumpet !" (Waxy)

Here are the first 10 instruments he plays:

1. Piano 2. Harp 3. Guitar 4. Double bass 5. Violin 6. Viola 7. Cello 8. Clarinet 9. Bass Clarinet 10. Piccolo

Head to his YouTube page to see all of them.