Oklahoma school board approves nation's first taxpayer-funded religious school

Following a 3-2 vote of school board members on the Statewide Charter School Board, taxpayers in Oklahoma will finance a Catholic school offering religious instruction to children from kindergarten to grade 12.

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond had warned the board that such a decision clearly violated the Oklahoma Constitution.

"The approval of any publicly funded religious school is contrary to Oklahoma law and not in the best interest of taxpayers," Drummond said in a statement shortly after the board's vote. "It's extremely disappointing that board members violated their oath in order to fund religious schools with our tax dollars. In doing so, these members have exposed themselves and the state to potential legal action that could be costly."

Another one of those "let's see what the Alito Supreme Court can do for us" things. If nothing else, the school will help the Archdiocese of Oklahoma claw back some of the settlement money paid to victims of child sexual abuse over the years.