Mount Everest drama: woman refuses to pay $10K rescue fee after Sherpa saves her life

A Chinese woman, identified as Liu in the South China Morning Postis refusing to pay a $10,000 rescue fee to the Sherpa who saved her after she lost consciousness on Mount Everest.

Another climber, Fan Jiangtao, and his guide found Liu "lying on the ground with ice on her face and was running out of oxygen" according to Global Times. They managed to move her 655 feet, but their exhaustion led them to seek assistance from another climber, Xie Ruxiang. Xie offered the Sherpa guide accompanying him a $10,000 rescue fee, which the Sherpa accepted, ultimately saving Liu. Xie and Fan each gave the Sherpa $5,000, but when they asked Liu to reimburse them, she stated that she could only afford to give them $4,000.

Fan expressed his frustration, stating to Shangyou News, "Xie and I paid $5,000 each to the guide on Saturday. I gave up my time and money to save her. And I still need to pay the rescue fee. I'm angry and want to know why."

Xie, on the other hand, holds a different perspective, suggesting that the public should not be angry with Liu. He told the South China Morning Post, "Saving her is our choice, and expressing gratitude is hers. These are two separate things."