Four children, aged 13, 9, 4, and 1, rescued after 40 days alone in Colombian rainforest.

Four children, the survivors of plane crash that killed all three adults on board, including their mother, were found alive after 40 days alone in the Colombian jungle. Link to New York Times article here.

It was unclear as of Saturday morning who found the children or how they managed to survive for so long in a thick jungle that is prone to heavy rains and contains jaguars and poisonous snakes.

A miraculous outcome no matter what, the children are members of the Huitoto Indigenous community, and used their experience in the rainforest to survive.

"They fended for themselves. It is their knowledge from the Indigenous families, their knowledge on how to live in the jungle, that has saved them," said [Colombia's president Gustavo] Petro at the news conference. "They are children of the jungle. And now they are children of Colombia."