Watch: Family on a boat rescues a bear whose head is trapped in a container

This family was fishing on Marshmiller Lake in Wisconsin when they came across this bear cub swimming with a plastic container stuck on its head. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

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Kayaker who spelled out HELP with sticks was rescued by NYPD helicopter

A kayaker was found early this morning after lighting a fire and spelling out the words HELP with sticks and twigs. An no, he wasn't on some speck of an island in the South Pacific, but rather, a remote island in Jamaica Bay, New York. NYPD Aviation rescued the man, in good condition, who had been missing for 12 hours. Here is their video.

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Rescue video of stranded kayaker who spelled out HELP with sticks on tiny island

The New York Police Department released this video from their rescue of a kayaker who got stranded on a tiny island in the Jamaica Bay estuary off the western tip of Long Island, New York.

According to a tweet from NYPD Special Ops, the man, missing for 12 hours, "signaled for help by starting a fire & spelling out help using nearby sticks before being found."

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Emergency team rescues girl whose fingers got stuck in a shopping cart

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Horse rescued from Virginia swimming pool

Rixeyville, Virginia's Little Fork Volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team saved a horse who fell or jumped into a family's swimming pool overnight. When the team arrived, the fire department had already begun draining the pool and a firefighter had jumped in to keep the animal calm. After a vet sedated the horse, the Rescue Team used a sling attached to a tractor and lifted the horse out of the pool. From

The area had experienced high winds and a line of storms the night prior, Halloween night, and “Annie” a Haflinger had escaped from her field and went exploring, according to a Facebook post from Little Fork Volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team.

The horse was probably thirsty and saw some water and “just like that” found herself in the swimming pool, the post stated.

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Rescued hiker gets the helicopter ride of their life

A hiker got into trouble out in the Arizona scrub and needed a lift out. They ended up being treated for "dizziness and nausea" first.

Cliff Castle Chopper footage shows a helicopter rescue of injured hiker from Piestewa Peak in Phoenix.

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Boys stranded in Thai cave were sedated with ketamine as part of rescue

As part of the effort to rescue the 12 boys and their soccer coach from Tham Luang cave last year in Thailand, rescue divers gave the boys "unspecified doses of ketamine," according to CNN.

Via CNN:

According to details of the rescue released in a medical journal Thursday, the boys were given unspecified doses of ketamine, also known as party drug Special K, by the rescue divers as they were taken out of Tham Luang cave.

Reports at the time had suggested that the children, who had been trapped for two weeks, were sedated during the operation, but officials gave few details.

"We had to use the means that could keep the children not to be panicky while we were carrying them out," Thai Navy SEAL commander Rear Adm. Arpakorn Yookongkaew told CNN shortly after the rescue. "Most importantly, they are alive and safe." ...

The medics said ketamine was a good choice to give to the boys, given the risk of hypothermia, as ketamine impairs shivering and is associated with smaller drops in core body temperature.

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Watch firefighters rescue rat stuck in manhole cover

On Sunday in Bensheim, Germany, two children spotted a rat stuck in the vent of a manhole cover. Animal welfare organization Berufstierrettung Rhein-Neckar sent out two rescue workers who were unable to free the rodent. From Smithsonian:

That’s when things get surreal. The 8-member Auerbach volunteer fire brigade soon arrived on the scene wearing their firefighting gear and began a 25-minute rescue operation posted on YouTube. First they subdued the rat around the neck using a pole with a restraining loop at the end. Then, using large, black professional-looking wedges they popped up the heavy manhole cover and animal rescuer Michael Sehr was able to wiggle and work the portly little nibbler loose before releasing him back into the sewer...

The children who first found the rat also thanked the firefighters with a handmade, rat-themed thank you card.

Here's video of the operation:

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Woman finally rescued after three days trapped in a New York elevator

A woman in Manhattan got stuck in an elevator Friday evening – and wasn't rescued until Monday morning.

According to HuffPost, the unidentified woman was cleaning a five-story townhouse in the Upper East Side of Manhattan when she became trapped in the elevator between the 2nd and 3rd floor. The homeowners were out of town for the entire weekend, the elevator didn't have a phone, and apparently she didn't have a cell phone on her.

Finally, on Monday morning, one of the homeowners came home, realized what had happened and called 911. Firefighters broke into the elevator around 10am, rescued the woman, and sent her to the hospital. Miraculously, she's in good condition.

Moral of the story for claustrophobic people like me: take the stairs.

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All 12 boys rescued from Thai cave

The BBC reports that the last of the boys trapped deep in a flooded Thai cave is out, along with their coach.

• All 12 members of a Thai youth football team and their coach have been brought safely out of the cave in northern Thailand

• Eight boys rescued on Sunday and Monday are in hospital but have not been named and are being kept in quarantine

• Each person was pulled through the cave by expert divers

• A rescue doctor and three Navy Seals who stayed with the group are still to emerge

• The 12 boys and their coach were trapped by floods more than two weeks ago

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This is how you rescue a dog who is trapped in a frozen river

Bravo to the skilled rescuer who freed this dog who was stuck in a frozen river. Read the rest

Firefighter rescues suicidal woman

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People tilt van to save woman trapped underneath

(I've started the above video at 7 seconds so you don't have to watch a woman get hit and run over by a van.)

From CCTV News in China, a video about the rescue of a woman who was trapped under a van after it ran her over. Passersby ran to her aid, tilting the van so she could be removed. According to the CCTV, the woman escaped with minor injuries, which is remarkable because the first 7 seconds of this video are brutal. Read the rest

Amazing fire rescue

"Damn, I was gonna get an apartment over there, too. It'll be cheaper now!" [Video Link] Read the rest