This carnivorous sea slug with a gooey, trap-like mouth looks like it arrived from a distant galaxy

The Melibe viridis, is a type of carnivorous sea slug, that looks like a science-fiction monster designed by a kid with a Midjourney account. Watch this video to get a glimpse of its unique, vacuum cleaner-like head with a mouth that expands like crazy to ensnare its prey.

It has a translucent body with visible internal organs and a mouth lined with protruberances which it uses to sense tasty little crustaceans. It uses its sticky Hungry Hippo-like hood to trap its food.

It also has a delightful fruity odor. From Earthtouch News Network:

Similar to other nudibranchs, Melibe are hermaphrodites and fertilisation of eggs happens internally. Unlike other nudibranches, though, they smell a bit like fruit. In the case of the hooded sea slug, the fruity odour is most noticeable when the animals are removed from the water or when several individuals are grouped together. It's believed to be a kind of pheromone that the sea slugs use to communicate with each other. Nudibranch perfume, if you will. 

Take note. It does not appear on the Official US Service Animal & Support Animal (ESA) Registry.