Short sci-fi story told through imaginary public access station circa 1985

It's 1985 and extraterrestrials have landed, causing havoc, gravitational disruptions, and worldwide panic. But don't worry! Public access television channel KTMP-8 is here to keep you up to date on the latest developments. Between ads for Dave's Bakery, dating classifieds, and help wanted ads for McDonald's over at the Good Life shopping mall, are news feeds about the mysterious interplanetary invasion. Stick around for the 5:45 mark, when things get really weird.

The video was produced by Squirrel Monkey, who are responsible for making funny "Wonders of the Worldwide Web," videos that imagine what modern internet services would be like if they had been around in the 1980s (see Zoom, for example).

I don't know how Squirrel Monkey does it, but they create graphics and video effects that are straight out of the 1980s. They also introduce VCR and broadcast TV artifacts that really take me back to the era. If you haven't already subscribed to Squirrel Monkey's YouTube channel, you are missing out.