Finally! An e-reader for people who hate holding a book

The SOL reader is a new take on the e-reader, solving something I don't find a problem with: the act of holding a book.

I do not see the attraction of this RayBay Wayfarer-looking e-reader. These blinders would completely disserve the way I enjoy reading books. Typically, these days, I take my dog and my Kindle Voyage to my local pub, have a beer or two and some fries and read for a bit. Otherwise, I read in bed with the Kindle. The dog sometimes is on my pillow, sometimes next to me, and sometimes on the floor. I do not bring french fries to bed.

Reading with those glasses at the bar, beach, on a subway, on a train or an airplane seems to range from "risky" to "stupidly dangerous" and back.

Looking at the marketing representation of text in the glasses, I think the resolution is not on par with my 2014 Kindle's DPI. I would like a different font, please!

Image: screen capture from

These glasses also exacerbate the problem of an ebook not feeling like a book. When I got my first generation Kindle, Amazon had intentionally designed a plastic device to feel like an open book– which made it look like an off-brand Doctor Who toy. The cover, however, bent back around that first Kindle and allowed me to trap my fingers between the covers. This did give me a satisfying "holding a quality book feel." Later versions came with weird origami cases that didn't allow that, and I had to go to the aftermarket, searching for a case that looked like a book. Perhaps SOL can upsell this with a simulated book for me to hold in my hands?

I particularly enjoy falling asleep with my fingers pinched between the cover of a book or my Kindle. Falling asleep with these goggles on seems problematic. I move around a lot.

Anything that gets people to read is good!