Kriller is an eternal seven-day looping art broadcast

Kriller is a new audiovisual experience by artist James Paterson and musician Stephen Ramsay described as an eternal seven-day looping art broadcast. Refreshing and familiar at the same time, it possesses the spirit of early net art, combined with the modern web.

KRILLER's visual libraries are informed by decades of drawing and animation. Hundreds of Paterson's pen and ink pages have been scanned, and countless frames of animation have been meticulously drawn. This vast collection of imagery provides KRILLER with a rich source of inspiration and allows it to create stunning and immersive visuals.

Stephen Ramsay used a collection of modern and vintage audio technology to compose 630 unique musical stems. These stems were then combined to create 6300 seamlessly looping ambient songs that accompany the visual art. KRILLER's audio engine is an endlessly interoperable sonic playset. Each piece of music was created in the key of C, at 120 beats per minute, and for 64 seconds, so that the engine could mix them into thousands of unique cassette soundtracks. The KRILLER project contains over 300 albums worth of music.

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