Marjorie Taylor Greene yells at clouds

The latest few tweets from Georgia congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene are devoid of fact. These tweets are so full of falsehoods and intended to rile people that I wonder who is stupid enough to get angry along with her?

Greene is mourning a dead successionist, blaming the January 6th insurrection on BLM, insisting President Biden has taken a huge bribe, and of course, lamenting the now literal trials of Donald J. Trump. Everything is pure conspiracy theorist gold, which is the fool's variety. Political speech is protected, but Greene is trying hard to incite the violence Trump wants.

Take a look:

Greene is also imagining Trump is some incredible broker of peace:

I gather that what Greene communicates in these rants is "code" for her Q-Anon-loving fanbase. This garbage pushes buttons they like to push, all the while saying nothing. Must raise a lot of money tho.