Twitter evicted from Colorado offices over unpaid rent

When you do it, it heralds financial and domestic ruin. When billionaires do it, it's savvy negotiation and a short term cash boost . In any case, though, it's an eviction, and it's happening to Twitter in Boulder, Colorado. About a million dollars is owed to the landlord, and it's clear from court documents that Twitter isn't even responding to communications from it.

A judge for Boulder County's district court permitted law enforcement to evict the tenant on May 31, directing the tech giant to evacuate its suites at 3401 Bluff St. in Boulder and return them to the owner and landlord, Lot 2 SBO LLC. … This isn't the only lawsuit the corporation is facing in Colorado. Last month, Boulder's Avalanche Commercial Cleaning sued Twitter in the same court to get around $93,500 for alleged unpaid invoices. Last year, Twitter terminated 87 employees at its Boulder office. Another 38 voluntarily resigned, according to a Nov. 25 notice to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

It sounds like the offices are virtually abandoned anyway. Since taking over the company, Elon Musk has fired most of its staff and remade the platform as a kind of old-timey media mogul plaything. "Twitter's press email auto-replied to a request for comment with a poop emoji," concludes the story.