Watch famous scenes from The Shining, recreated in Lego

Watch famous scenes from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, recreated in Lego by lab technician-turned-Lego builder Wim Laroy. The build took 50-60 hours over the course of 3 weeks, and the short film was created with 2220 pictures at 15 frames per second. Fast Company provides more information, explaining that Laroy's version of the movie

. . . spans some of the key scenes from the movie, including young Danny's encounter with those creepy twin girls. Somehow, even in LEGO form, the quick cuts between Danny seeing the pair stand ominously in the hallway and then seeing them hacked into pieces on the carpet remains as harrowing as ever.

The project took about 50-60 hours spread out over three weeks, and about 10,000 LEGOs, to create. It was a labor of love, but that's not to say the process didn't have its challenges.

"Mostly, it came down to choosing the right pieces," he says. "I made this movie only with pieces I already had in my collection, so I had to do with just what I had laying around. For instance, the famous carpet pattern in the hallway could have been more realistic, but with the pieces I had, it became a little more abstract. I went with clay for the bloody elevator scene also because I do not have thousands of red translucent pieces."

Assembling, adjusting, and shooting thousands of tiny blocks for 70 hours may sound like the kind of thing that would drive a person to redrum, but it's hard to argue with the results.

I love horror films, and The Shining is among the best. And this Lego version is a terrific homage to the original. It's got the elevators gushing with blood, Danny Torrance riding his big wheel around the hotel on that famous carpet, Jack Torrance obsessively writing on his typewriter, Danny's encounter with the creepy twins, and much more! Enjoy!

And for more of Wim Laroy's cool creations, visit his YouTube page.