Watch RuPaul fronting an underground punk band in 1983

An episode of Untucked: RuPaul's Drag Race featured a "New Wave Queens" episode itself inspired by Wee Wee Pole featuring RuPaul and The U-Hauls, the underground punk band RuPaul fronted during the '80s queer new wave/punk scene in Atlanta. If you are already a fan of Untucked, this is not news to you. For the rest of the universe, though, the video is fantastic.

As reported in Far Out Magazineby Tyler Golsen,"Wee Wee Pole has the same jumpy energy that fellow southern new wavers like R.E.M. and Lets Active! were famous for. It's slightly jarring to hear RuPaul's voice, so perfectly suited for Hi-NRG dance music, belting out jangle pop and post-punk. Equal parts Donna Summer lust-funk and bare-bones alt-rock, Wee Wee Pole probably could have been a fantastic opening act for The B-52's, bringing the same queer-positive image and left-of-centre musicality."

Far Out Magazine has links to various videos from the 1983 performance at The Strand Cabaret in Marietta, Georgia. Scroll to the bottom of this Yahoo Entertainment story for an exclusive interview excerpt from RuPaul about their musical history.