The Flash is performing below expectations. Some people are shocked.

According to DeadlineThe Flash, which was projected to gross $70-$75 million during the 3-day holiday weekend, reportedly earned a disappointing $64 million in its first 4 days.

The Flash should have been one of the easiest lay-ups in modern superhero cinema. For starters, despite being a premier, A-list DC Comic character, The Flash never had a movie franchise of his own. However, despite not having the same cinematic cache as Batman or Superman, The Flash's live-action CW television series created a legion of younger fans that were ready to support their favorite character's feature film. And then, Ezra Miller snagged the lead role of Barry Allen. 

While it's unfair to attribute the entirety of The Flash's opening weekend troubles to Ezra Miller, the actor's erratic and criminal behavior sure didn't help matters. In addition to Miller's public battles with mental health, The Flash carries copious homages to the failed Snyder-Verse, which the film aims to reboot in favor of James Gunn's DC cinematic universe. Several publications speculate that audiences see The Flash as inessential viewing, as the film's consequences will scarcely impact the upcoming DC reboot. 

Who could have seen this entirely predictable event coming? 

That was the big looming question which was on everyone's minds in the wake of Ezra Miller's tabloid laden 2020-2022 in regards to Warner BrosDC's $200M The Flash, and now we have our answer as the pic is opening to $55.1M over 3-days and $64M for the 4-day Juneteenth holiday weekend at 4,234 theaters, below Warner's $70M-$75M 3-day expectations. 3-day projections just kept losing speed for this Andy Muschietti-directed movie.

Should the movie have gone straight to Warners streaming service, Max? Absolutely not. They need to make as much money as they can, and that's through windows.