Bizarre video leaves Reddit users baffled: three women's desperate struggle with locked door caught on camera

One of the most frustrating aspects of Reddit is the lack of explanation or context provided when users post videos. This leaves fellow users guessing about the events depicted. In this particular video, we observe three women standing in a lot at night, next to a seemingly locked door. These women are all dressed in long dresses and can be seen desperately attempting to open the door. Interestingly, despite a large gate to the left of them sliding open, none of the women make any attempt to pass through it. Instead, they persist in their struggle with the door until they eventually succeed in opening it. Once the door is open, they hastily flee through it, running away from the scene.

Some commenters in the thread speculate that the women in the video might be escaping from a cult or a restrictive environment based on their attire, panicked behavior, and the possibility that they are avoiding triggering sensors or alarms associated with the gate.

Another theory is that the women in the video are Orthodox Jews observing the Sabbath. During the Sabbath, Orthodox Jews follow strict rules that prohibit certain activities, including pressing buttons or engaging with electronic devices. It is suggested that the women are waiting for someone to open the door for them, as they cannot touch the button to open it themselves.

Others speculate that the women may be troubleshooting why the door doesn't work, focusing on fixing the door rather than finding an alternative exit.

Some say the women are so drugged up that they don't see the gate opening.

And another camp suggests the video is staged.

I don't know what to think.

Trying to get out!
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