In an appeal to racists, a Mississippi State senator sides with rebel slavers

Mississippi Senator Kathy Chism has made it clear she stands with the people who wanted to tear down our Union in order to maintain the great national shame of slavery. Their flag is her flag and she wants it back as the symbol of Mississippi.

Chism lied about the history of her flag, and she re-imagined the process wherein Mississippi replaced the racist flag incorporating Confederate symbols with one that honored the State's original "Magnolia Flag." The senator also disparaged a Democrat for working to replace the flag, but the most exciting thing about her speech was when she just flat out joins the other side.

Kathy Chism is running unopposed for re-election.

Mississippi Free Press:

"That flag, a lot of our people fought and died under that flag," Sen. Kathy Chism, R-New Albany, said during a political speech at the Belmont Political Rally in Tishomingo County on June 3. A reader shared a link to a video of her speech with the Mississippi Free Press.

The state did not adopt the flag—which featured three red, white and blue bars with a Confederate cross in the upper left-hand corner—until 1894, almost three decades after the end of the Civil War and several years after the end of Reconstruction. White supremacist lawmakers adopted the Confederate-themed flag in place of a prior magnolia flag as they worked to lock Black Mississippians out of politics with a slew of Jim Crow laws.

Following decades of efforts by Black lawmakers and Black activists, the Mississippi Legislature's white Republican leaders finally agreed to vote on legislation to change the state flag on June 28, 2020. Chism was just one of 14 senators, all Republicans, who voted against retiring the old flag out of the 52-member body.

John Oliver on the Confederacy: