Metal Gear Solid 4's first official port seemingly confirmed

At yesterday's Nintendo Direct, the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection: Volume 1 first teased a few weeks ago got a solid October release date, promising to bring the first half of the iconic series to modern consoles for the first time. That 'Volume 1' raised a few eyebrows, however, mine included – could a Volume 2 arrive someday, bringing the rest of the series up to date in one convenient package? According to some backend placeholders on the Metal Gear Solid website, the answer appears to be a resounding yes.

Peace Walker and MGSV are to be expected, but the promise of Metal Gear Solid 4 getting a touch-up as well is uniquely exciting – as veterans of the series may know, the game has never been remastered, updated or ported, and the only way to play it legitimately is to buy a PS3 and a physical copy, both of which are over a decade old by this point and increasingly difficult to find.

Given that it's the chronological conclusion of the series, and that all subsequent games have been prequels, this is downright criminal – and although I'm no fan of Konami, I'm excited that another generation of players are going to get to see how Solid Snake's story ends.