In 1983, Dana Kunzemade dove into a pool from 172 feet up on live television

In 1983, Dana Kunze dove into a pool from 172 feet on live television. Kunze was an American champion high-diver, and made history when he completed this wild dive. If you can't envision how high 172 feet is, it's as tall as a 17 story building.

As someone who is too chicken to jump off a mere 10-foot high board, I get a knot in my stomach just watching someone take such an extreme plunge. 

Super High-Diving like this came to an end (for the best) after a series of terrible accidents. Knowing how dangerous it is makes the video even more nerve wracking to watch!

"Dana Kunze is an American champion high-diver. He began his professional high diving career in 1974 at the age of 13. Kunze won his first world championship in 1977 and maintained a winning streak for seven years.  In 1983, Dana Kunze made history, successfully diving from 172 feet, the equivalent of diving off a 17 story building, live on ABC's Wide World of Sports, and this video captures the actual event."