Do you know who made the "most mysterious song on the internet?"

Taped from German radio in 1984 or thereabouts, this song stands among the most popular and mysterious examples of unknown authorship. No-one has any idea who wrote it and performed it; even the likely DJ can't remember putting it on, and can only speculate that it was a demo tape sent in and discarded afterward.

This song was recorded from a German radio station called NDR between 1982 and 1984. Search (online) has been active since the early 2000s, when the song was made available online, and to this day no one has been able to give any accurate and correct information about the origin of the song. Facts like the band's nationality and exact year of recording are unknown, and to this day, we have not gotten any information about the whereabouts of the authors, or even the correct title of the song. Apparently there is no alternative online register/archive of this song, since the only source we have of this song is from the cassette tape that Darius recorded from the radio. Recently, a Reddit user found that in the chorus of this song, a synth called Yamaha DX7 was used, there's a preset called Syn-Lead 5, and it's exactly the same sound they used in the song, the Yamaha DX7 was released in 1983, so we may have a basis that the song was probably recorded in 1984, or late 1983.

"Fond my mind" is another "lost" classic (embedded below). Note how the ones that go viral (from the zillions of unsourced demo tapes out there from the dawn of the era of cheap prosumer recording gear and synths) capture a nowish aesthetic, haunted and wavey. And soon the internet will be flooded with credible but AI-fabricated stuff that will bury anything of questionable authenticity forever.