Pakistan prime minister grabs umbrella from French official, leaves her in the rain as he struts away

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited Paris last week. Unfortunately, it was raining. Fortunately, an official from the French government offered to share her umbrella. Unfortunately, he grabbed the umbrella and walked away, forcing her to walk sheepishly behind him in the downpour. Fortunately, the umbrella nabber was captured on video for the world to see.

Watch the exciting video below.

From News in France:

The New Global Financing Pact Summit was organized at the Palais Brogniart in Paris, France, in which Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also participated. Shahbaz's office shared a video of his arrival in France. In this video, Shahbaz is seen getting out of his car outside the Palais Brogniart. As it is raining in Paris, a female escort comes forward to take Shehbaz inside the palace. As the female escort approaches, Shahbaz takes the umbrella from her hand and walks away. The female escort is seen running fast behind Shahbaz to protect herself from the rain. As soon as this video surfaced, the discussion on social media intensified and users criticized Shahbaz's actions while questioning them.