Bodycam footage from cop who stopped mass shooter at Allen, Texas mall

Unironic use of term "heroic Texas cop" incoming! Here's the bodycam footage from an officer who stopped a mall shooter in his tracks at the Allen, Texas Premium Outlets mall. One moment, the unnamed cop is giving kids an amiable lecture on road safetly. The next, he's dashing toward the sound of gunfire.

The officer's physical fitness has been questioned by the usual online knowitalls, but remember that fear is exhausting, that Texas is hot, that he's wearing lots of gear, and that being able to shoot that straight from that far is a quality of its own. The shooter, Mauricio Garcia, killed eight people and would have killed many more had the officer not stopped him.

By the way, this is the shooter that reactionary troublemakers (including Elon Musk) insisted couldn't be called a white supremacist, even if he wore their insignia, because he was hispanic. This was their test case for casting mainstream reportage of blatant, swastika-tattooed far-right terrorism as a conspiracy theory.