Terrifying firework disaster shatters peaceful suburban evening

In the heart of an American suburb, a peaceful summer evening is unfolding. As seen in this security camera footage below posted by Jamie on Twitter, about a dozen locals are gathered in a front yard, some relaxing in lawn chairs. They are waiting for the show to begin. A couple of dads, standing near the sidewalk, are igniting a firework, no doubt the first of many to come.

But this firework, designed to streak skyward in celebratory splendor, instead blasts horizontally in a spectacle of errant fireballs. Some fly alarmingly close to the crowd lounging on the lawn, their festive anticipation transforming into shock.

A sharp squeal cuts through the air as one of the fireballs grazes past a youngster standing in the driveway. Just as everyone thinks the pyrotechnic pandemonium is over, an ominous glow forms next to a parked car in the driveway. Seconds later, a gargantuan explosion of radiant fireballs bursts forth, turning the peaceful gathering into a frantic, screaming exodus.

Abruptly, the video ends, the explosion frozen in a blown-out tableau. A barrage of questions lingers. What triggered this pyrotechnic mishap? Where exactly did this occur? Was anyone injured in the chaos? The video, now an eerie echo of a celebration gone wrong, leaves us hanging.