João Charrua folds paper into amazing sculptures and masks

João Charrua is an artist who makes intricately folded paper masks and sculptures. All of his art is so much fun to look at, and this yellow creature is my absolute favorite. I love the way it can look like a head with legs, or a tiny headed being with a face on its' belly.

I like this paper crumpling technique a lot as well. It gives the mask great texture and It has an organic look to it. 

Besides folding paper into super cool faces, Charrua also has some more abstract looking work on his page. These paper sculptures intrigue me a lot. I love the way the artist plays with scale here.

"This is my last post of my 100-day marathon folding masks. I've folded one completely different mask each day and this is a challenge that I recommend everyone that wants to improve their skills and creativity. It wasn't easy some days but resilience overcomes most of the adversities. I'll make a selection of the best ones and take better pictures to share them with you."