This Zuck vs Musk stuff can only get dumber

One guy has a failed VR network to sweep under the rug, and the other is massively burdened by the debt he acquired with an impulse purchase; neither has time for this shit. Tesla's stock should be in free fall as its CEO, Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk, is more interested in weird self-aggrandizement than management. Zuckerberg? Maybe he got tired of playing alone in his legless VR land?

What does Italy hope to gain by entertaining this bullshit? I understand people like wrestling coaches jumping in to try and get some dollars out of the spectacle — but why dishonor the Roman Coliseum with these clowns? I am sure the historic venue has seen a lot of weird shit, but this?


TMZ reported Friday that Italy's culture minister reached out to Meta CEO Zuckerberg to suggest staging the much-hyped contest at the legendary venue.

And then Zuckerberg passed on the message to the UFC's Dana White, whose people contacted the senior Italian government official, according to TMZ.

Around the same time the report was published, Musk tweeted: "Some chance fight happens in Colosseum."

He also linked to a scene from the comedy film "Monty Python's Life of Brian" which depicts a fight in Jerusalem's colosseum, adding: "Need to work on my endurance."

It seems this, the dumbest timeline, is accelerating toward the farcical event horizon.