Disneyland premieres "Rogers: the Musical," a live musical about Captain America

It started as a spoof in the Disney+ television series "Hawkeye." In that show, Hawkeye and his family attend a Broadway show called "Rogers" about Captain America and the Avengers.

That was a spoof, intended to show the fame that came to the Avengers after they saved the world, manifested in an satirically cheesy musical show. And to show Hawkeye's discomfort with that fame, with the campy show, and with his less than central role in the musical and the public's eye.

But while the episode only showed snippets of one of the fictional show's songs, Disneyland has decided to flesh the show into an full (well, 35 minutes) extravaganza musical, expanding on the music created for the television show, and mimicking its look. It premiered today, and is being performed at Disney California Adventure Park several times a day, most weeks from Tuesday through Saturday, through August 31.

The trailer:

It looks the full show has necessarily toned down the spoofy camp of the fictional Broadway show of "Hawkeye", but turned up the sincere camp.

A review: