Robert Nunn is a 93 year old cartoonist who just made his first comic in 50 years

On this episode of Cartoonist Kayfabe we dive into the work of Robert Nunn. Nunn recently made a comic after taking a 50 year hiatus, at age 93. He is proof that you're never too old to start a project or dive back into a past passion. 

Nunn is "a welder from Missouri whose 70s self-published comics Earthman & Torch have been rediscovered as outsider art. Born of wholesome comics strips by way of Satanic Panic tracts, this pairing mashes vampire space horror with the adventures of an evangelical scare-mongering superhero."

I love the gritty, folk art look to his creatures and monsters. If you'd like a copy of his early work or recent book, Earthman, you can buy it here.