The World's largest ball of stamps is in Boys Town, Nebraska

See photos of the world's largest ball of stamps at Atlas Obscura. This big bertha weighs nearly 600 pounds and has a 32-inch diameter.  

So how many stamps are in this thing, you may ask? According to atlas obscura, over 4 million canceled stamps are packed together into this sphere. Woah! 

The stamp ball had a simple beginning, and then grew and grew;  "The origins of this quirky anomaly date back to 1953, when a group known as the Boys Town Stamp Collecting Club started to consolidate the less-valuable stamps using a golf ball as a base." The ball continued to increase in size until 1955, when it was recognized by Ripley's Believe it or Not, and put on display.

I never want the ball to get destroyed, but I wonder what it would look like when cut open. It would be super cool if it were possible to take an x-ray photograph of its layers.