Rep. Ted Lieu mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene for her "stupid" demand to erase Trump impeachments (video)

A delusional Marjorie Taylor Greene insisted over the weekend that the GOP "erase from history" Donald Trump's two impeachments that he accrued during his one-term presidency.

"President Trump's political impeachments led by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Democrats were so egregious that they must be erased from history," the Georgia Congressquack shrieked at a Trump rally in South Carolina as her hot, bored MAGA fans looked away and chatted with others in the crowd. (See video, posted by Mike Sington.)

Of course it was just more "stupid stuff" spurting out of empty-G that, as Rep. Ted Lieu explained, was a "made-up process" that doesn't exist in the U.S. Constitution.

"There is no such thing known as an expungement of an impeachment in the United States Constitution. This is totally a made-up process. It is nothing more than a glorified press release with a fake vote," the California lawmaker remarked on MSNBC.

"You can't just erase that — it was televised. Millions of people saw it. And this is just more stupid stuff from a radical Republican caucus."

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