This wireframe car looks like a digital model but it's real and made from actual wire

Japanese metal fabricator Yamaguchi Seisakusho created this fantastic wireframe car that looks like a digital model that somehow slipped into the real world.

From OddityCentral:

Isao Yamaguchi, the company's senior managing director, recently told White News that the wireframe car is one of five units that Yamaguchi Seisakusho ws commissioned to create 10 years ago for a car convention. It was an unusual request, but management viewed it as an opportunity to showcase the technical capabilities of the factory.

The wireframe vehicles were first designed with 3D CAD (computer-aided design) software, after which jigs were cut out of metal sheets using precision laser cutters. Metal wires were placed and welded around the jigs, and then removed to create the detailed wireframe vehicles.

image: Yamaguchi Seisakusho CO.,Ltd