Signs directing public access to Malibu beach only last eight days

Keep your ugly, goldbricking ass out of my beach community!

Malibu removed some signs directing people to its intentionally obscured beaches. The town cites some sign safety issues, but we all know we aren't welcome in their nice, quiet little beach community. They intend to keep it quiet.

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority is a public agency stewarding Los Angeles' parklands and coastal access. They nicely added signs to help people find one of Malibu's public yet hard-to-access beaches. The signs lasted eight days.

SF Gate:

"On June 26, 2023, the City of Malibu removed beach access signs that were installed at three locations along Broad Beach Rd, a City-owned street, near Lechuza Beach," a spokesperson said over email. "These signs require a City permit to be issued to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA)."

The city also said that the signs were unsafe.  

"The signs installed by MRCA did not have signposts designed to break away for safety when struck by a vehicle, which is required under California and federal law," the statement said. "They had solid 6" steel posts. The signs were removed because they were not permitted and did not conform to safety standards."