Taylor Swift fan discovers "cursed" vinyl copy with songs about "flakes of flesh"

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift released a newly re-recorded version of her third album, Speak Now, as part of an ongoing response to an intellectual property rights dispute over the ownership of her old album masters. But one excited fan in Staffordshire, England unwrapped her brand new vinyl copy of the record to discover … something else.

From the BBC:

Instead of hearing Swift's re-recorded versions of "Back To December" and "Sparks Fly," Rachel Hunter was confronted with a collection of dark and disturbing British electronica.

The opening song contained messages about "flakes of flesh" and "endless rows of sardines", while another sampled cult the 1960s horror series The Outer Limits.

"There are 70 billion people on Earth, where are they hiding? Where are they hiding?" intoned a husky male voice over a sinister, droning synth.

"At first, I thought maybe the vinyl had a secret message from Taylor," Hunter tells the BBC.

Here's the social media post she shared featuring the "cursed" copy of the album:


send help I got speak now (not Taylors version) this is so funny #speaknowtaylorsversion @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #erastour #speaknoworchid

♬ original sound – Rachel ✨
And for the non-embed crowd:

According to some determined commenters, the audio on this particularly copy of Speak Now actually comes from a UK compilation Happy Land (A Compendium Of Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996), which was released earlier this year by a small British label called Above Board Distribution. But was it actually just an error at the vinyl pressing plant? Or was it perhaps a sinister message from music executive Scooter Braun, who still owns the original Swift masters?

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