This automatic dishwashing contraption will blow your mind

If I had this automatic dishwashing contraption in my house, doing the dishes would be the highlight of every evening. Brought to you by Joseph's Machines, the automatic dish-doer turns a typically mundane task into a wildly cool show. I would pay to see this wonderful thing happen live.

This unique contraption involves many bells and whistles such as a little toy car on a track, a rolling leaf blower, a fire sprinkler, a rotating mallet, and more. It's always hard to believe my eyes when I watch Joseph's videos. It feels like I'm watching a cartoon universe come to life.

 As with all of Joseph's glorious machines, I wonder how long it took to plan everything out and how many tries it takes to get the machine to work. It must have felt great to sit back and watch this intricate machine do its thing after building it.

From Instagram:

"Automatic dish-doer. From my YouTube series "What's Your Problem"