California says enough to ridiculous book bans

Homophobic reactionary bigots on Temecula, California's School Board, have blocked a social studies textbook for mentioning gay rights activist, and San Francisco Supervisor, Harvey Milk in supplemental material. California's Governor, Gavin Newsom, has said enough is enough and that the state will provide the book directly to the children and their parents, passing the bill along to the district.

I find it strange that people so proud of the United States don't want to remember it as it was.

SF Gate:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday that the state will purchase and distribute a social studies textbook to students in the Temecula Valley Unified School District — where the district's board of education voted to keep the book out of classrooms because of supplemental material from the textbook that references Harvey Milk — if the board doesn't walk back its decision by the beginning of the upcoming school year.

Newsom also said he was working with state lawmakers on a mechanism to fine districts that fail "to provide adequate instructional materials" to students.

"Cancel culture has gone too far in Temecula: radicalized zealots on the school board rejected a textbook used by hundreds of thousands of students, and now children will begin the school year without the tools they need to learn," Newsom said in a Thursday statement. "If the school board won't do its job by its next board meeting to ensure kids start the school year with basic materials, the state will deliver the book into the hands of children and their parents — and we'll send the district the bill and fine them for violating state law."

Making the school district foot the bill will be great, but I bet this plays out in court.