21 pink places to visit around the world

Here's Atlas Obscura's list of 21 Perfectly Pink Places to visit around the world. Visiting a pink colored building or destination can be a strange and whimsical experience. Both man-made and naturally occurring pink places are on this list, and they all look like so much fun.

The Madonna Inn, an iconic hotel and restaurant in San Luis Obispo, is a perfect getaway for lovers of kitsch (and pink).  Did you know that there's a pink lake in Spain? It's called Lake of Torrevieja, and is naturally pink due to the bacteria in the water. If you're in LA, be sure to stop at the World Famous Pink's Hot Dogs

If there's a color worth planning a trip itinerary around, pink seems to have a lot of great destinations in store. Do you know of any fun pink destinations that aren't on this list? If so, let me know in the comments.