Check out this bizarro zombie Barbie

I wish Barbie dolls all came with zombie guts like the ones in this video. I wasn't very interested in barbies as a kid, but I surely would have been if they looked like this.

 This fun art piece was created by @nychos. I love how the barbies all seem completely unbothered by the fact that their innards are exposed. Make sure to watch with the sound on!

From Instagram:

"I'm a Barbie Girl in the Bizarro Barbie World. Sound 


Created by @nychos via @vintagefantasymag

฿Ɇ₴₮ ł₦ ฿łⱫ₳ⱤⱤɆ ₣ØⱠⱠØ₩ @bizarredoctor"