Plane crashes into the roof of a Texas house while residents are out (photos)

A small plane crashed into a home about 30 miles outside of Austin, Texas yesterday, with all three passengers suffering only minor injuries.

After the passengers had taken the plane from Georgetown to Kerville (about 100 miles apart) to have breakfast, they were heading back to Georgetown Executive Airport a little after noon when the engine gave out. Neighbors heard the impact when the plane smashed into the roof of a two-story house, splitting in half as it wrapped around the top of the roof like a sheet of aluminum foil. (See photos below, posted by Georgetown Texas Fire Department.)

"Two people climbed out of the airplane onto the roof and were asking for ladders while I was on the phone with 911," one neighbor told KSAT, via Yahoo!.

"They were scared, they didn't know what was going on … They looked really confused. We had helped them down off the balcony and they were trying to jump through a hole in the roof. We opened the attic stairs and they got down that way."

The residents of the house were not home.

From Yahoo!:

"(The pilot) just veered away from the apartment complex behind you, and I believe he just had to make that split second decision and ditched it into a single home instead," City of Georgetown Battalion Chief Scott Gibson told KXAN.

Neighbor Shannon Hayes told KSAT the plane was heard making a noise that didn't sound "good" before the crash.

Once it crashed, she said neighbors ran over to help.

The three people onboard were released from the hospital the same day, KXAN reported.