Mitch McConnell stops talking mid-sentence during press conference

At a press conference today Mitch O'Connell (81) told reporters, "This week, there's been good bipartisan cooperation and a string of, uhhhhhh….."

He suddenly froze and stood silent at the podium for 30 seconds, when a colleague walked up to him and said, "You OK, Mitch?"

McConnell stared vacantly at the colleague. A few seconds later, he was escorted away from the podium.

Moments later, he returned to the press conference and stood with his colleagues.

David Lippman of WUSA9 tweeted, "After freezing mid-sentence and being led away from the podium at the start of the weekly Republican Senate press conference, Sen. Mitch McConnell returned about 10 minutes later and answered more questions, but brushed off questions about what happened to him."