Apple just patented a modular display system with a record player connected to it

Apple was granted a patent this week for Modularized Computing and Input Devices in the form of a system for combining displays, a dock, keyboards, and other peripherals in various ways. One example integrates what appears to be a classic Technics SL-1200 DJ turntable. From Gizmodo:

The application itself describes this as merely an "input device" that can provide information to the base. Essentially, the base would allow physical or wireless communication with the attached device, in this case, a turntable usable by "disc jockeys," or anybody working the decks on their device.

The patent further describes how "The computing device can be utilized by a music producer, a disc jockey, an audio engineer, or the like to generate music in one configuration while also being modular to permit the user to remove the input device." The patent references how the base would connect with that turntable device to respond to certain toggles like physical buttons and knobs.

Of course the odds are quite slim that this patent means an actual product is on the horizon.