Apple cuts 600 jobs after putting brakes on self-driving car

Apple cut more than 600 jobs when it dropped its plans to market a self-driving car, reports the BBC. This represents about a third of the team that worked on the EV, the rest having been reassigned to the company's AI projects. Apple has a global workforce of about 161,000 workers.

The tech giant has avoided mass layoffs in recent years, unlike other firms which have cut hundreds of thousands of jobs since the pandemic. … Apple has laid off far fewer people compared to their competitors. … Apple is the world's most valuable company – but "no one is immune to job cuts," says industry analyst Paolo Pescatore of PP Foresight. "While this might seem significant given that it relates to Apple as one of the last big tech giants to make job cuts, it is not driven by the need for efficiencies," says Mr Pescatore.

"Work on AI instead" might be enticing, but apparently it meant moving to Austin.

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