Naked woman on SF Bay Area bridge opens fire at cars (video)

On Tuesday, a woman was driving recklessly on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge before stopping her car, getting out, and yelling at drivers while brandishing a knife. She then returned to her vehicle and drove a bit further before stopping again. Moments later, she emerged from her car completely naked and waving a handgun that she fired at passing vehicles.

"She was yelling at other vehicles, she began firing shots into the air, and then as other vehicles appeared to be kind of confused as to what was happening – maybe thinking there was a crash and they were trying to drive around it," California Highway Patrol spokesperson Officer Andrew Barclay told ABC7. "As they were trying to drive around, she started firing rounds towards those other vehicles."

Eventually the woman calmed down and was brought to a hospital where she remains on psychiatric hold. That must have been terrifying for everyone around, including her. I hope she gets the help she deserves.