Here are some resources providing data about COVID-19 cases, wastewater, research, safety, and more

If you suspect that COVID's still around (spoiler alert: you're right), but don't have any idea where to find data (since so many places that used to provide data have stopped), here are some resources that I've found helpful.

Probably the best source of data, currently, is Biobot Analytics' COVID-10 wastewater analysis charts. They explain:

This chart shows the SARS-CoV-2 virus concentration present in samples of wastewater taken from across the United States. The level of virus in wastewater is a leading indicator, meaning it precedes the change in clinical case counts or hospitalizations.

I also learn a lot from the YouTube channel "Data Report," which provides a daily update of any available COVID-19 data, including Biobot's wastewater data, the Walgreens COVID-19 Index, and more.

I also frequently visit the Zero Covid Community on Reddit, where folks share data, articles and research about COVID and Long COVID, and more.

The People's CDC is also a good place for COVID-19 information, via their weekly Covid Weather Reports.

If you're in Canada, some folks in the Zero Covid Community Reddit group have recommended Dr. Tara Moriarty and her COVID-19 Resources Canada website. 

Finally, if you're still on Twitter (I literally ONLY stay for the COVID-19 resources), below are some of the folks I follow—they share data on cases and variants, research studies about COVID and Long COVID, and resources about clean air and ventilation, masking, and more. Of course, I have to provide this obligatory disclaimer that I'm not endorsing any of these people as infallible nor providing medical advice. I'm simply sharing some resources that I've personally found useful and that I believe help keep me COVID-informed: Grame_0TernJessDon FordLaura MiersDr. Eric Feigl-DingNate BearDr. Eric TopolMichael OlesenDr. Stephen Griffin, Dr. Aris KatzourakisT Ryan Gregory, the Corsi-Rosenthal FoundationDr. Akiko IwasakiMichael HicksAlex MeshkinDr. Eric Walsh-BuhiLaurie AlleeDr. AJ Leonardi, and Dr. Raj Rajnarayanan.

From what I've gathered, COVID-19 cases are currently on the rise across the United States – so please stay safe, folks!