Paris Hilton collaborates with Taco Bell for its new "Volcano Menu" campaign, and it's decidedly NOT HOT

Taco Bell announced recently that their "Volcano Menu" would be returning nationwide on July 29, 2023. Part of the fanfare involves a collab with Paris Hilton, who appears in new Taco Bell commercials and stars in a super goofy "advice Hot Line" (which Taco Bell describes as "the brand's first-ever pre-recorded advice Hot Line"). Taco Bell further describes the project:

To bring back a trio of options so hot and so Y2K, Taco Bell has called on no other than Paris Hilton to do the honors. Long time Taco Bell fan and resident expert on what's hot, Paris Hilton joins in to celebrate the return of the iconic menu with the launch of the brand's first-ever hot line. Fans will now have the chance to get advice straight from the source of what's hot and what's not: Paris Hilton. Need a little life coaching? Covered. Still wondering if bangs are a good idea? She'll tell you. After dialing into the Hot Line at 1-844-THTS-HOT, fans can engage with a selection of six pre-recorded messages while relishing in the heat the Volcano Menu offers.

I called the Hot Line (because of course I had to) and it's as bad as you might imagine. Press 1 for the volcano menu. Press 2 and you'll hear Paris Hilton giving life advice (things like, friends are important, nurture your friendships, and buy them tacos from the Volcano menu). Press 3 and you'll hear Paris Hilton saying life coach-y things (like, again, friends are important, buy them tacos). Press 4 and you'll hear Paris Hilton's take on bangs (buy Taco Bell, and don't get bangs). Press 5 and you'll hear Paris Hilton reading out the entire Volcano Menu—and after every menu item, she says "That's Hot" (ugh, it's so tired). Press 6 and you'll hear a sneak peak of Paris Hilton's new single, "Hot One" (spoiler alert: it sucks).

And there you have it, folks, one of the worst marketing campaigns I've ever witnessed.