A "cakewich" is a sandwich made out of cake slices

Would you eat a "cakewich"? It's a type of dessert that's basically a sandwich—but instead of bread, it's made from thin slices of cake held together with various sweet fillings. The cakewich is the brainchild of mother and daughter duo Ginger Swaggerty and Kortyln Hebert, who live in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, and run their company, "Cake-ism" out of their home.

NOLA.com describes their signature product, the cakewich:

It's two thin layers of tender cake, with various flavorful fillings and icings inside. The same size, shape, look and diagonal halves as a deli sandwich, the cakewich makes eating the sweet treat a whole new experience.

In case you're wondering, the word "cakeism" is defined as the art of having your cake and eating it, too. The word crops up in British politics, such as in the pros and cons of Brexit. 

The first flavor they launched is "Just for Funzies"—a take on funfetti cake—which has birthday cake batter and buttercream as a filling.

NOLA.com describes some of their other signature flavors:

Also, there's the Bacon Me Crazy, a bacon buttermilk pound cake swirled with maple syrup, filled with a brown sugar buttercream and sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.

Or the Pink Lady, a strawberry-swirled shortcake with a strawberry almond buttercream topped with strawberry crunch.

Others include Midday Munchies, Fancy Pants, Midnight Munchies, Coconut Dream, 'Tilly in 'Toula, Red Bottoms, Lawd Have Mercy, Sinful Swirl, Guilty Pleasure and Midnight Munchies. 

To read more about the origins of the cakewich, read the rest of the NOLA.com story here.

And to learn more about the company and see photos of the cakewiches (some of them look yummy to me, others not so much), check out their Facebook page and their Instagram. I'm not sure the world needs the cakewich, but nobody asked me.