Jennifer Meeks, wife of GOP Rep, swaps out "Unchristian" books for Bibles in Little Free Libraries

Jennifer Meeks, wife of Arkansas State GOP Rep. Stephen Meeks, thinks people shouldn't read books that "don't align with our Christian values." So she drives around towns in her area, removing frowned-upon books from Little Free Library Kiosks and replacing them with books about her God.

On a since-deleted Facebook post, Meeks wrote:

I have been swapping out books in little free libraries for awhile. I have seen good books, terrible books, toiletries, and needles (yes, needles).

Recently I have been picking up free Bibles at flea markets and thrift stores. Sometimes I find good devotion books or kids' Bible stories at a good price to add. Or just great books, and a gospel tract is a nice idea too.

There's an app (Little Free Library) to find these boxes. Not all of them are registered because there's a $40 fee to do that. There's a couple in Greenbrier, several in Conway, and a bunch in Little Rock. They're all over there (sic) United States. This is an opportunity to be salt and light in our communities.

From what I have seen, a lot of these books and other things don't align with our Christian values. Today I saw a bunch of Pride stuff in one. There's a group of leftists, especially in Conway, who are very active in keeping little libraries well stocked. They're very active in other areas too. But I shouldn't go there.

This is something the silent majority can do. That doesn't mean we have to stay silent, but this is pretty easy.

Given the fact that Meeks is married to a lawmaker, this comes dangerously close to government censorship.

[via Arkansas Times]